The BSV Swap Scam

Hey, hey, heyyyy, wasu, wasu, was… ⒷⓈⓋ ⓈⓌⒶⓅ 😬

This page is hosted on the same domain name,, which originally was used by a scammer to steal fiat currency in exchange of practically worthless tokens.

The scam used Bitcoin SV (BSV) -powered token protocol, called Simple Fabriik Protocol, or SFP for short. The scam followed a typical ICO route: tokens were sold for "investors" before a product existed. As you see this website, the product still doesn’t exist. The scam was launched in Q1 of 2021. Already in March 2021 some users in Twetch had suspected BSV Swap to be a scam.

Investors were lured in with promises like: BSV SWAP – The first DEX to be launched on Bitcoin SV Chain, a fully decentralized exchange for the swapping and trading of BSV tokens. The original website had an area titled Tokenomics that suggested 1 million tokens was the total supply. Of that 100 000 tokens were dedicated to the team, and another 100 000 to Twetch members. In practice tokens were presold using Money Button’s swipe button — a similar button that should be visible at the bottom of this page, if you have JavaScript enabled in your Web browser.

Investors were promised tokens would be sent to their Money Button account, and after that everyone could simply hodl their way to the Moon.

The token

  • Protocol: SFP
  • Name: BSV Swap
  • Description: BSV Swap – The first DEX to swap and trade BSV tokens, presale now ongoing at
  • Asset identifier:
  • Supply: 1000000
  • Logo: bsvswap.jpg*
  • Possibly the creator’s Money Button ID: 17758

The domain

  • Name:
  • Registry Domain ID: D225754318-CNIC
  • Registry Expiration: 2022-03-13 23:59:59 UTC
  • Updated: 2021-04-11 19:23:33 UTC
  • Created: 2021-03-13 10:12:47 UTC
  • Mailing Address: Victoria, Australia

Other interesting bits

  • On Twetch the user C0KEnH00KERS (@37096) wrote on 16th March 2021: BSV Swap initial supply was 900k. Their planned presale was 30k. Number has changed to 1mil and 100k presale. Leader is marketing guru who doesn’t have anything but needs money. Rug pull. This quote seems to have the correct number regarding 100 000 tokens in presale — same information was published on the original website.
  • The original BSV Swap website had in the footer this text: Copyright © 2021 Bsv Swap – All Rights Reserved. All Token purchases are final and no refunds will be afforded. This perhaps is the last line of defence for the scammer in case he or she gets caught.
  • Possibly a list of all the transaction hashes of incoming and outgoing payments of the scammer’s Twetch address:***
  • Batches of 100 swap tokens were apparently sold for 22-26 USD apiece. It is not yet clear if the scammer managed to sell 100k tokens with that price range.
  • This site was created by Pete of in June 2022.

  • *) Originally hosted at URL:,c_limit,f_jpg,h_630,q_90,w_630/v1546053913/production/designs/3842444_0.jpg
  • **) Not verified as of 29 June 2022.
  • ***) Not verified as of 29 June 2022.